COMPOSITION: apricot kernel oil is a light yellow color, transparent oil obtained with cold pressing.

INDICATIONS FOR USE: since apricot kernel oil is rich with unsaturated fatty acids, Fg, K, Mg, A, C, F and B group vitamins it is used separately for moisturizing, soothing, anti-wrinkling, increasing the elasticity of the facial skin and anti-aging in cosmetology and to add to cosmetics agents. An effective remedy for inflammation of the skin, scars that occur during pregnancy and obesity, hair dandruff, in the splitting of the hair tips, burning scars, sun spots.

INSTRUCTION FOR USE: apricot kernel oil is used externally to massage the body, face, hands skin and hair bottom and to add to cosmetics agents.

For inner use: can be consumed once a day, adding 4-5 drops to 1 cup of water.

SIDE EFFECTS: Individual sensitivity to apricot kernel oil. Children under 10 year old.

STORAGE RULE: Store at room temperature or in a refrigerator in a closed container.

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